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Healthy Cleansing and how it opened doors that were shut

7 Mar



My husband was in the same rut due to a weight gain caused by inactivity from back surgeries. The poor guy is in chronic pain and suffers from depression. Comfort food seemed to sooth his soul, unfortunately it didn’t sooth the pain.

We were both looking for solutions but due to outside stresses we were trapped.

All of a sudden a solution proposed itself. It was in a brown box and the person who had it didn’t want it. They were having their own problems and didn’t feel like adjusting their diet. Boy, did they miss out, because a very positive thing started to occur in our lives.

Due to my husbands skepticism I was betrothed with being the guinea pig.

Isagenix, what the heck is this stuff another diet”, he said to me in dismay while unpacking this little brown box. I told him I was going to try it because I was determined to lose 20 pounds.

Two weeks later he was praising me and couldn’t believe how I was changing shape. At the same time we had been educating ourselves only to find out that isagenix isn’t a diet at all but a full body cleansing system designed to support healthy muscle mass while ridding your body of the toxins accumulated just by living. We came to discover that our bodies are trying to filter out environmental toxins, (many of which haven’t been studied to determine their effect on the human body).

My mood was changing , I was alot happier and I was sleeping like a baby. Energy wasn’t a problem anymore and I wasn’t falling asleep on the couch anymore. The best part was my husbands praise, he couldn’t believe how I was melting away. At the end of thirty days I was twenty pounds lighter and a year later I am still keeping it off, mind you I am much more fit now.

So the big skeptic decided to give it a go and guess what he lost 22 pounds without exercise because he couldn’t exercise due to his back pain.

“Hey I think were on to something here”, he told me. I agreed and we have been freeing people from physical and financial pain ever since.

So why the picture of this beautiful red rock mountain? well, this was the trip to Isagenix Celebration that made us realize that this company is more about helping people than its own financial gain. It was here that we realized that we were part of a family and we could really make a difference in the world. We have become part of the fastest growing teams in the company and would love to help other people just like us.


Just outside of sedona in Arizona

7 Mar

Just outside of sedona in Arizona

This picture as we taken as we entered Sedona, a magical place I would have never encountered if I wouldn’t have went to an event that changed my life in phoenix.

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