4 Super Foods You Should Work into Your Daily Routine!

26 Aug

Here’s a wonderful post from a fellow blogger you should check out !


Back to school again and time to shift back to doing school work. Thank you to all who posted on my last article, my family really appreciated all of your kind words- I deffinitely have some amazing followers! 🙂 A snow storm has worked its way to where I live; love waking up to all of this snow! Is this snow storm in your area too? Do you guys like the snow as much as I do?

Here’s a picture of me at the gym, taken by my friend Dan. pic

This article can also be found on the Sunwarrior website http://www.sunwarrior.com/news/4-super-foods-you-should-work-into-your-daily-routine/

Super foods are a buzz word in modern times, everyone wants the magic elixir to cure all and promote vitality. While realistically, no one food will live up to those expectations; there are however a lot of foods that show promising research results in terms of disease prevention and…

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