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No Compromise Ingredients Set Isagenix Apart

12 Aug


As it should be, your safety is our first priority at Isagenix. Having safe, effective, “no compromise” products means giving no slack when it comes to selecting and testing raw materials, following the appropriate regulatory guidelines, and verifying that the finished products meet purity and composition standards. Isagenix cleanse

The Isagenix “No Compromise” Quality Policy is extensive and thorough, covering every detail from ingredient sourcing to manufacturing guidelines. By following key procedures, Isagenix can stand by their products with confidence.

After a product has been proposed and approved, it’s time to select the best source of the raw material to begin formulation. Quality ingredients could mean the difference between products having no effect and providing fantastic results. At Isagenix, raw materials are only sourced from suppliers with a proven track record of sustainability and quality. Isagenix cleanse

One of the best examples of Isagenix’s quality standards is the whey protein found in IsaLean shakes. New Zealand undenatured whey protein was carefully selected after vigorous research and testing because the quality of the protein can’t be beat. It’s the best of the best. It is derived from grass fed cows that are not given GMO’s or antibiotics. Happy cows equal fantastic protein. Isagenix cleanse

The guidelines that define how manufacturing should be conducted are known as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Isagenix works to ensure that all products meet or exceed the highest standards of cGMPs for dietary supplements. Isagenix cleanse

cGMPs are outlined by the FDA and other international regulatory boards such as Health Canada and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. These guidelines include authenticity, quarantine and release procedures, potency and purity testing of raw materials and finished products, cleanliness of the facility, employee training, and documentation . isagenix cleanse

Meeting all of these guidelines can make the release of products internationally a fairly complicated, yet beneficial, process. Through this series of checks and balances, Isagenix can stand by the quality of its products with pride.

Isagenix also adheres to detailed written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure consistency and safety in each phase of our manufacturing process. One SOP Isagenix follows requires that every raw material that arrives in the manufacturing facilities be immediately quarantined and thoroughly inspected. isagenix cleanse

Any raw materials that do not meet standardized testing methods are rejected or destroyed. Additionally, the testing that is done to confirm safety and purity of raw materials is very extensive. Rigorous testing is performed for:

• Microbial activity: total aerobic bacterial, yeast and mold, salmonella and E. coli strains, and other bacterial strains• Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides• Heavy metals: all botanicals are tested for the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic• PCBs and dioxins: each batch of fish oil is third-party tested to confirm undetectable levels of heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins isagenix cleanse

In addition to testing raw materials, Isagenix is unique in that they also thoroughly evaluate the efficacy of finished products. This includes re-analyzing the product for identity and purity. Third-party claim testing on vitamin and mineral content is also conducted to ensure the products fully meet what is said on their labels. Finally, stability testing is done to confirm that the strength and composition as indicated on the label of the product is accurate up until at least the expiration date. isagenix cleanse

Another major role of Isagenix Quality Assurance is statistical process control. This involves tracking trends to ensure product quality is continuously monitored and upheld. By putting this much care and attention towards product quality and safety, Isagenix knows it’s doing right by its customer and their health. isagenix cleanse


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Comparing groceries with Isagenix

12 Jul

Check out what you’d have to eat every day to equal all the nutrients found in our daily, convenient packets (this is $550 worth of food! vs ours at $4.00) per serving
250 glasses of red wine (Resveratrol)
10 pounds lean beef (CoEnzyme Q10, Vitamin B12)
34 dried apricots (Vitamin A)
11 organic oranges (Vitamin C)
45 raw oysters (Vitamin D3)
33 ounces pistachios (Vitamin B1)
1 cup organic peanut butter (Vitamin B3)
13 cups wheat bran (Vitamin B6)
22 ½ raw avocados (Vitamin B5)
7 spears asparagus (Vitamin K2)
10 cups raw organic spinach (Folic acid)
22 organic mangos (Magnesium)
20 free range eggs (Biotin)
9 ounces shrimp (Selenium)
2 ½ cups sun dried tomatoes (Copper)

grocery cart

Why your Body needs to Cleanse

5 Apr

The smell of a garbage dump on a hot summer day can make you ill.  If it was left on the sidewalk, that trash would break down, providing a home for parasites and bacteria. That’s why removing waste from our streets is a necessity making our neighbourhoods inhabitable. Isagenix

Our body goes through the same basic process. Garbage (toxic waste) is constantly produced during normal functions such as digestion and cellular respiration. Through these functions toxic pollutants need to be constantly removed from our system. If these toxins are allowed to accumulate in our system over time it can eventually make our bodies uninhabitable, much like garbage buildup on city streets makes the neighbourhood unlivable. This accumulation of toxins, researchers now believe, lies at the heart of disease. Isagenix

“We are constantly taking in oxygen, water and food for metabolism, and that process creates latent byproducts that need to be dealt with,” observes renowned general, gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon Leonard Smith of Gainesville, Florida. “Even if we lived in a pristine world with no chemicals, no air pollution, pure water, and pure food, with the passage of time we would still experience cellular toxicity.” Isagenix

There are many parts of the body that participate in the process of toxin cleansing. These organs have to perform their jobs well for the body to effectively cleanse the body of toxins. The lungs, the kidneys, the bladder, the small and large intestines, colon, liver and gall bladder all work together to eliminate toxins. When they don’t do their job, toxins get stuck in the organs and cause trouble for the cells. Cells under stress tend to work much less efficiently. Isagenix

In addition to dealing with internal toxins produced by our own bodies natural processes, we also have to deal with a constant bombardment of external toxins, caused mainly by industrial waste products. Herbicides, pesticides, automobile exhaust and other environmental toxins can lead to polluted air, water and food. Toxins build up in our cells and organs leaving our bodies prone to illness. Isagenix

If toxins are left to accumulate in our bodies the results can be catastrophic, and if left over a period of time, the results could even be life threatening. If cells are put into a state of stress the bodies natural defence mechanism is to cause inflammation. Alzheimer’s and heart disease have been linked to excess inflammation, and recent clinical research has determined that even small amounts of toxic exposure can lead to severe problems.

There are several pollutants, many of which we have no understanding of how they affect humans, that exists in our everyday lives. These wreak havoc on our immune systems and our bodies natural defence mechanisms.“We’re living in a toxic soup of polluted air, water, food and electromagnetic toxins,” says Dr. Smith. Just living around Trees is somewhat preventative because they filter air. Drinking lots of filtered water, and buying organic foods is also preventative. Isagenix

Dr. Smith further advises that water is a crucial cleansing tool. “Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day. If you don’t give your kidneys enough water, they will suck it out of the material in your bowels. Your kidneys need the water to hold toxins in solution and get them out. Urine can only be so concentrated. Without enough water, toxins are reabsorbed.” Isagenix

However,is it enough to take these preventative measures or is there a way to release a higher amount of toxicity in our system . There may be many different types of cleanses out there but what most people are searching for is a system to live by. In reviewing Isagenix ,we come to find that not only does their system prepare the body for optimal cleansing but it also supports all of the natural functions of the body by providing it with optimal nutrition. Isagenix

The mandate of Isagenix is to provide health and longevity to a human condition bombarded by toxins. This system is meant to support the body for optimal healthy aging through breakthroughs like telomere support which directly affect the aging process. This is done by supporting all of the body’s functions and muscle mass through proper nutrient intake and absorbtion, accomplished through Dr. John Andersons Formulations. IsagenixImage

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